ORM 101

Many small business owners tend to think that online reputation management is just the act of getting positive reviews to push down any negative feedback that might pop up in search results or on review sites.


This is partly true, but it isn’t all of it.


For the purposes of this article, let’s go with the assumption that you have a good idea of what Online Reputation Management (ORM) is all about.  If you aren’t sure what it is, or feel like you need a quick refresher, you can read more in ORM Explained.


One of the main benefits of online reputation management, and really the only one that business owners care about, is that successful ORM brings more customers through the door. More customers, logically, means more purchases made or services paid for.


Imagine this:


Let’s say that Emma needs her house painted, and she asks her friend Jan if she can recommend anybody.  Jan tells Emma to try CertaPro, saying that she hasn’t used them personally, but she has often seen the CertaPro painter vans around the city.  Emma thanks her friend, and asks for the phone number, to which Jan replies: “Google it!”  So, Emma goes home and Googles “CertaPro Painters Victoria BC” to find the phone number.


This is the first thing she sees:




See those stars under the CertaPro listing?


The benefit of successful ORM becomes more obvious when your company opens the door to the 5 star management culture, and the 5 star reviews start pouring in.  Once this 5 star reputation is achieved, you’ll find that your company will quickly become the go-to company in your niche; more customers will come to you, and more people will talk (both online and offline) about just how awesome your business really is.


What you may not realise is that thousands of people are already searching online for products or services that your business provides.


Here’s a quick sample: *insert # of searches by niche image*


In a nutshell, ORM is about not only creating the 5 star reputation that a business needs to succeed in today’s world, but also marketing it and syndicating it across various directories, review sites and other social media around the Net for the best results. So, you see, the benefits of online reputation management are far reaching and when done properly, it can bring big rewards.


To get a better understanding of why online reputation management is important to your business, feel free to watch our online reputation management training video below.


*insert ppt sales vid*


If you have any questions about ORM, or would like find out what the Online Rep Guy can do for your business, why not contact us?